“From 6-figures last year to 7-figures this year. In a way that’s easy for me.”

“Until I met Merel, I didn’t know anybody else who also wanted to make a lot of money and homeschool their kids and do things in a completely unconventional way.

The fact that Merel shows up with transparency and relate-ability and honesty is extremely important. That resonated for me as a woman of color. I felt safe there. I can’t overstate the importance of that enough.”

UPDATE: Sascha made $64,000 last month!


“$100K in 3 weeks… With Merel in the house, magic is going to happen. ”

“When my husband was away for 3.5 months, I set a fun, and audacious goal myself to create $100,000 before he came back. Within 3 weeks, I hit a $100K month. With Merel in the house, magic is going to happen.

I can be who I am called to be. Merel knows what it takes to expand radically while living simply and unconventionally.”

Reggy N.

“My $5,000 program is now $20,000 – and I did a $300K launch!

“From November to January, I’d sold out – it was a $300,000 launch. Merel IS magic. Oh, and now my program includes a trip to Paris.”

D’Arcy B.

I can’t believe it: I launched my first group program and made over half a million dollars.

“Before I joined? I made maybe $4,000 per month By the end I made $35,000 (consistently) with an offer that reflects my life’s work. Plus a launch that surpasses half a million if I include the upsell. Join and your boundaries and bank account will never be the same!”


Taryn W.

Merel helped me move from $50,000 per year to getting close to my first $500,000 launch.

“When I joined, I was working myself to the bone, trading hours for dollars. After hitting $14,000 the first month in, we decided it was time to launch, and I did six figures. This is going to make me cry, but this program helped me make peace with money.”

Marisa F.

Julie had her first $100,000 month in August, $50,000 of which was from her new coaching income stream.

“I come from generations of women who made poor choices based upon their financial situation, and I didn’t want to repeat that with my daughter. I wanted to show her that she could be powerful, have a positive impact on the world, and make a good living doing that.

As of 1 month ago, I hit my financial goal of $500,000 in income this year. Next year, I’m on target to gross over $1,000,000.”



“10X my monthly income, creating a business that is healing the world”

“The priority for me is: if we’re healthier, as humans, in the workplace, then people will not traumatize my kids. That’s where I see this going, and it translates into multiple 6 figures to 7 figures within the next 5 years; it feels doable, and possible, and I have given myself permission to do it.”


“I tripled my bottom line.”

“I grew so much this year. I’m sitting back and excited for what comes next… I’m training the next leaders, in their own home with their daughters, or coaching other women on how to create a business around feminine wholeness.”

Morgan C.

“I had a $30k MONTH (after my first $30k year)”

“Before I joined the program, I was always worrying about my finances. I was doing a lot of different types of gigs – side projects, third party work, writing projects – but I knew I needed to streamline. The most I had made in the previous year was $30k. That was my best year thus far.

After joining the program, I had a $30k MONTH a couple months in. It wasn’t nearly as challenging as I thought it would be… I’ve signed a $60k contract, a 6-figure licensing deal, and the year isn’t over yet! It feels more playful.”

Katheryn G.

“From no launch…to a $50,000 launch…to a $300,000+ launch.”

“My first launch brought in over $50,000. My launch from the spring brought in $300,000+, and I’m launching again now. I finally feel independent and I’m able to trust my business instincts.

Probably going to hit 7-figures soon and I have much more time to focus on my creative projects!”

UPDATE: She made over $1 million in 2020 with the same beautiful offer!


Selling $40K packages, collaborating with an international publishing house… Success from a place of REST

“I have been working with Merel for about 3 months and it has been a wild ride full of: selling $40,000 packages, collaborating with an international publishing house for my next deck… Success from a place of REST.

I’ve learned to stop hustling (*I am learning to stop hustling). I’ve learned to cultivate and nurture the kind of business I want to have and the kind of life that I want to lead. I chose to work with Merel because of her positioning around changing the world – you need money to make change in the world, you need money to create the world that you want to live in.”


“A year ago, I learned I could charge $1,500 for a VIP day. Now I have MULTIPLE $500,000 global projects in my pipeline (one of which has been confirmed!) ”

“A lot of my colleagues ask next to nothing for consultancy. It’s just not realistic. Merel bases everything on mathematical formulas.”


Dr. Kai G.

“My program went from $500 to a 5-figure investment… Merel attracts thought leaders in the making.”

“It’s not just about elevating your financial wealth, but your wealth as a human being. And not only are these financial wins — I felt permission to feel all the feelings without judgment and to actually be embraced for it.”

Mai-kee T.

“Two months in, and I’ve made $50,000. And I’m not even working full-time. ”

I thought a 20% increase in my revenue might be possible, but this is more than double and it’s been mind-blowing. I’m launching in the fall and I’m certain that I will reach $250,000 this year.


Nicole W.

“Consistent $30-40,000 MONTHS working with perfect-fit clients. Update: Jade will have booked $1,000,000+ worth of corporate projects by the end of this year”

“I was able to find clients I could only have imagined! I felt like a racehorse who finally found people who were able to ride a racehorse… 

I went from $150,000 per year to $30-40,000 consistent MONTHS. I’m on my way to 7-figures next year. I’m joining for a second round because Merel’s work is not just about wealth creation, but healing intergenerational issues…”


“Within the first month, my revenue doubled from $15,000 to $30,000. ”

“It’s beyond what I believed. I’ll do at least $350,000 this year, but I also have a lot of time and as a single mom, I can really start focusing on what truly matters for me and to my daughter.”

Silja T.

“My first $93,000 launch feels fulfilling and it’s so profitable.”

“I was stuck at the $500,000 mark as a service provider, and I knew launching programs will help me break through that ceiling.

With ONE Instagram post, I had 90 applicants for my group program. Merel opened my mind to think so much bigger. This is real. Just go watch all the testimonials like I did.”

Joana G.


How we can support you in having the
financial breakthrough of a lifetime?

Clients are calling me – all day, everyday (and my TikTok following doubled to 60,000!)

“I almost gave up coaching before I found Merel… She meets you where you’re at. Merel sees what you have going, and helps you maximize that, instead of forcing you into a formula.

My TikTok was sitting around 30K last month. This month it’s sitting at 60K and growing by the week, because I don’t feel like I’m sheepishly showing up and asking for money. I’m just talking about my ‘why’ and people want more of it.

Now, the sky’s the limit. Doors are opening, and opportunities are presenting themselves. Clients are calling me – all day, everyday.”

Lindley G.

From a couple hundred bucks to 6 figures, without having to hide who I am from my clients

“Prior to Merel, I spent a lot of time waiting at home for a client to need me, because I felt like I had to be confined to the 9-5 if I was going to claim I was a professional. Merel helped me change that.

Now I’ve made it to $100K annually, and have the ability to show up as who I am without feeling the need to hide it from my clients.”

Ashlyn O.

Paula made well over $100k this spring for a new program launch.”

“It’s been an amazing ride so far – getting me to new heights in my business I didn’t even think were possible a year ago. Within the first month of being in the program, I doubled my income, and for six months straight I’ve had over 20k months.

It excites me to think about writing that $100,000 check to an organization I care about. My vision going forward is to make a million dollars a year and give away $100,000, or more. What I offer helps people expand what’s possible for them as w

Paula C.

“I’m now consistently at 5-figures per month, sometimes even more than that…”

“We did it, Merel. I’m now consistently at 5-figures per month. And sometimes even more than 5-figures! Honestly, you and our work together, and me taking that leap of faith, really just made it happen. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.”

Update: Diana is on track to hit $500,000 in 2021

Diana E.

I sold a $42,000 package before the program even started.

“I sold my largest package to date and recouped more than the entire cost of my investment in the program in one fell swoop. And it just continued. Shortly after, I had a $42k month, and have had consistent $30-40k months since. I’ve been able to hire the team I love (who help me get sh*t done), and I’ve been able to relax around the stress of money. No more contingency plans.”


Gio M.

“After 3 weeks in Merel’s program,I’m earning over $30,000 this month!”

“Merel’s incredibly inspirational, funny, and… sees right through you! With her “we’re not going to sugarcoat it” approach, I quadrupled my income within weeks and I’m WORKING LESS! Do I need to say more? No more excuses. Merel is the real deal #guts #glory”

Mariella S.

“I tripled my income!’

“From financially dependent on my husband to paying the down payment on our dream home and making 5 figures in one day!”

Deepshikha S.

“Jitske banked $50,000+ this January”

“The biggest gift? Peace of mind: I can now fully focus on the clients in my mastermind. My two young daughters. And myself. I might still go out and make sales. But I don’t have to.”

Jitske L.

“Being an underpaid copywriter to a successful creative director!”

“I went from being an underpaid copywriter to a successful creative director! Merel shows you how you can inspire your clients to invest in themselves!”

Hillary W.

“Merel is leading an entire movement”

“I joined the program because my expertise and experience didn’t match the revenue I was making. Through the program, I got my business to another level, and myself to another level.

Merel is an unconventional business coach, and she leads an unconventional life. Her message is: earning good money, while doing good to the world, while empowering the right people. It is a movement.”

Marieke J.

“Kim pivoted from a successful brick-and-mortar business to a mid-6-figure online business… SIMPLY”

“Merel has the ability to go to the heart of the matter. I needed to pivot my business online, and somehow translate my 20+ years of sales experience to this new format, and she knew exactly what to fix. Working with Merel took my online business from mid-5-figures to mid-6-figures within a year… WITHOUT all the funnels, memberships, courses, and tiny offers. Thank you, Merel!”

Kim W.

“I made $30k in 2020… now I’m making consistent 5-figure MONTHS.”

“I’m closing at higher rates than I ever have before. I’ve done a campaign with Google, and I have a secret dream client on the horizon. Merel’s advice works in ALL industries; the majority of my clients are still corporate…”

Erin L.

From $40/hour to $10,000 weeks.

“Before joining I was white labeling at $40 an hour. Now I sell 5 hours at $2,500 – that’s why I bought myself a fancy office chair at $997. (Because guess what? I make that kind of money in a couple of hours now!)”

Courtney T.

“Merel helped me move from $50,000 per year to getting close to my first $500,000 launch”.

I made back my investment in the program within 48 hours of joining, that’s how much this program lit my fire! Every single month I made more and more money than the month before…

Gabrielle C.

“I finally broke through into the 6-figure range (update: $250,000/year this year!) “

Merel helped me really bust through some blocks that I didn’t even know I had, to be honest. If you feel called to work with Merel, definitely give her a call.

Annemiek H.

“Everything is more consistent, I’m selling high-ticket Feldenkreis packages!”

“On my best day before working with Merel, I sold 10 sessions for a total of $1,500. Now I’m making $12,000 in ONE DAY, and I have predictability in my income with clients booked out for a year.”

Shrutee S.

Nearly 6-figures in three months – do what matters, keep it simple…

“I’m very, very close to 6-figures in three months, and will likely bank 250K this year. I don’t have to worry about the day-to-day expenses anymore. Now I’m focused on, ‘Okay, what do we need to do to get into the next step?’

Merel has helped me to see a bigger picture, to not only answer what I want to do personally, but what do I want my work to do in the world?”

Nneka R.

“$15,000 and the month is only half over…”

“I used to spend thousands on Facebook ads and time getting the whole launch together, including a 3-part video series, a funnel, email series…but my messaging was off!
I went from wasting money and time to filling my high-end calendar with total ease.”

Relinde M.

“I’ve surpassed my money goal 20x and will very likely get to 7-figures this year.’

“I’m deeply moved when I look at the numbers I aimed for only a year ago. With Merel’s help, I’ve surpassed those numbers 20x and will very likely get to 7-figures this year, and I have more time freedom than ever.”

UPDATE: She did it.

Brielle C.

“$30,000 in one short month without offering ANY deliverables for the first time ever.”

“I got an easy $30,000 month within WEEKS by putting all my energy into a $5,000 offer. I’m so grateful to be surrounded with women who I will be friends with forever.”

Becky K.

“I’ve just sold a $17,000 package, then a $20,000 one.”

“I’ve just sold a $17,000 package, then a $20,000 one. I landed a paid speaking gig, a leading podcast interview. I showed up, and stopped giving a shit.

Oh my God, it’s possible! What Merel is teaching me and what I’ve known. I don’t think I would have been able to step into the zone of genius of what I’m capable of.”

Sheng H.

Making 15k in 2 hours after only one month in the program

“Through the program, I realized that wealth is not just financial. It is how I live; how generous I am to care for myself, the tenderness of my relationships, my spirituality, my health… everything related to being human.

Wealth building is not linear, but being in this program – wealth will find its way to you. After one month in the program, I’ve cultivated the skills to make 15k in 2 hours. The program is a school of life, leadership, wealth…”

Yanaëlle N.


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