There are many ways to structure a video pitch that converts really well.

And I’ve written many (one of the pitches I wrote for a video pitch in an FB ad – on Pelvic Dysfunction – got over 17,000 views within days and turned into a multiple 6-figure launch for this client). 


But there are a handful of things you always want to keep in mind when you’re figuring out how to launch an online course or program (and exceed your most audacious goals!). 


Great video pitches? 


They’re clear & concise, don’t go into detail oversharing (slows down the decision-making process, because you’re overloading the brain), need to include lots of credibility building elements (like I just did a couple of sentences back), and need to tell STORIES


> your own story (and how it relates to you creating this offer and for whom) 

> success stories (so your potential clients can identify themselves and dream big!) 

> the vision you have for your potential clients’ story once they say yes 


Below there’s a PROVEN video pitch structure I’ve used a lot (for live video pitching, like on a FB live or video for the top of your sales page)…


… and example sentences of how to lead into that part of your pitch with confidence based on the best high ticket sales training! 

Pitch Step 1. Announce the “Opportunity” on video


>> If you’ve been paying attention this last week, you already know… 


>> for the last 5 days I’ve been sharing some incredible stories about the women who’ve gone through my [name of program]. And I’ve already been getting messages from some of you, asking me “when can I join?!”, well, you can NOW, starting today… 


>> I’ve been telling you about [list awesome success stories] for a while now, and it wouldn’t surprise me, if you’re like “BUT I WANT THAT FOR ME!” which is why I’m so excited to share about this new opportunity to work with me… 


>> I’ve listened to you, and what’s living in my community – and that’s why I’ve created a brand new opportunity to work with me on ____________


>> I’m sure you’ve picked up, something really exciting has been brewing behind the scenes, and today’s the big reveal!


>> If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I normally only work with individuals, up till now…


>> There’s a secret something I’d love to reveal to you today, it’s an opportunity to work with me that’s been in the works for weeks now… and today you’ll be given the opportunity to apply. Here’s what it is…


>> I normally only share this kind of opportunity to work with me with my inner circle (meaning, you don’t even know when I open up for enrollment), but today I’m extending an invitation to my larger community to step into this opportunity, and it might just be what you’ve been praying for… 


>> OK, you’ll want to pay close attention for the next few minutes because I’m about to announce an opportunity to work with me that could change your life forever (and I’m taking it down tomorrow/and guaranteed, it’s going to sell out in the next 24 hours) 


live video pitch

Pitch Step 2. Play Hard to Get 


>> But this isn’t for the average [fill in the blank] In fact, the group of women I’m calling in for this has/is…

>> But before I reveal more of what this offer entails, I want to start with a HUGE disclaimer…

>> Over the last 12 months, I’ve become increasingly picky about who I allow into my programs, that means that… 

>> But here’s what you need to know: there’s an application process involved that will disqualify probably 70% of all applicants, and here’s why

>> BUT… not everyone can just get in (there’s a reason this isn’t click-to-buy). Yes, you’re free to apply, but know that not everyone will end up having a call with me, because 70% of all applications will be turned down (no worries, we’re kind, but we’re fierce)… 

>> But here’s the thing… close to a hundred will apply for this, based on past launches. And only about 20 will get an invitation to get on a call with me. And of that number, I’m only accepting 10 into the program. If you make it into [name of program] you’re pretty f***** special. Wondering if you’d stand a chance to be accepted?



Pitch Step 3. Help Them Identify 


>> Here’s what you need to have in place to apply: [list three reasons]


>> Women who I accept into [name of program] are [list defining qualities]


>> However, if you can identify with the following statements, this might just be the opportunity of a lifetime for you….


>> Before I tell you all about what’s included… here’s who we’re calling in (and this might just be you, so pay attention!)…


>> Let me tell you something about YOU: you are… [list qualities]


>> If you recognize the following scenario, this is for you and you should totally apply. YOU… [list recognizable scenarios] 


>> Does this describe you? Then stay tuned till the end, when I pop in the link to apply. YOU [give a couple of really strong identifiers]  Wrap this section with a sentence like…


>> Totes you? Here’s what we have in store for you…


>> If that just made you feel like we’ve been spying on you, here’s what you can expect inside this [offer/program/course]… 


Pitch Step 4. Share the Deets 


>> what is it?  [program, mastermind, live event + length: 3 months, a year?]


>>  USP? Core promise! 

Inside this experience, I’ll show you how to… 

By the end of this program, you’ll walk away knowing EXACTLY how to… 

If you say yes to this, you’ll discover the exact system I have used to get to [cool milestone] – without [objections/concerns they have] 


>> [topics/material]  You’ll get access to live trainings on [list a few hot topics + how mastering them will change their life (help them picture it!)] 


>> what’s the level of support? [weekly calls? Monthly? Voxer access?]


>> what’s the community’s culture? [why is this the best group EVER?]


>> Differentiate!

This also happens to the ONLY [offer] I know that… 

Unlike other [fill in the blank] out there, this [offer] doesn’t… 


>> hint at the investment/tell em the cost


This is so specific per offer, that I can’t give you examples. Just make sure you add incentives like: “anyone who applies within the next 24 hours”, “there’s an easy-to-claim” payment plan you’ll love, and “We’re giving you the full scoop about price etc. on the call, but let me just say, this isn’t a $2,000 course, this is an [offer] with tons of direct support from someone who [insert credibility] and designed for people who are truly ready to uplevel [describe that part of their life]. 



Pitch Step 5. Video Pitch CTA + Fast Action Bonus 


>> if you’re already a HECK YES, I’m giving you the link right now. Click, fill out the application + book your call. If for any reason we believe you’re not a fit YET, we’ll reach out to you, otherwise… see you next week on a call! 


>> Already know you want this? Click on the link I’m putting in the comments, fill out your application right now and book your call (the first 5 applicants that get accepted will receive [add cool fact action bonus]. 



Pitch Step 6. Street Cred + Storytelling 


Step #6. A 

>> now, if you’re anything like me… you want to see some proof of that “yes this is working!”, so let me tell you a story about X [tell success story #1] / > Let me tell you about X [add a juicy, stand-out detail about this individual before you dive into the story]

>> But she’s not the only one. This [offer] has helped 100 women in the last 18 months [specify results, tell stories] 

>> Only last week, I worked with this client who [tell super fresh success story] 


Step #6. B

>> now, let me get super personal here for a moment, and tell you about WHY I feel so compelled to put this offer out there… 

>> OK, so I just shared some incredible stories of how our clients [reiterate results] but I want to get personal here for a sec. And share a bit about my own journey… and how it led me to feeling so deeply compelled to create this offer 


Step #6. C

>> here’s what I want for you… [insert vision]

>> In a year from now, here’s where I want you to be… [insert vision]

>> 2 months from now you can still [describe struggle, twist the knife], OR (if you choose to say yes to this incredible offer) you can be here [describe dream scenario]… 

>> If you are trying to do [fill in the blank], then you owe it to yourself to get the support you need to not just make [fill in the blank] a reality, but knock it out of the park beyond your wildest expectations! 


Step #6. D 

Every offer has a specific why now angle. It’s highly unique so I can’t give examples, but… think of economic reasons, development in the industry, demographic shifts that are happening (culturally), windows of opportunity, and things that are changing in society.


video pitching for coaches


Step #7. Final CTA + Fast Action 

>> Alrighty! ACTION TIME! Since there are only 4 spots available, you want to move quickly. Click the link below and fill out your application (seriously, take 3 minutes, fill it out, hit send!) and if you’re a fast mover, and get your application in within 24 hours and you join [offer] you’ll get [repeat awesome fast action bonus] 

>> Here’s what you need to do to get your application in today (and snatch that awesome fast action bonus of [insert bonus]): click the link below, fill out the application and hit send. If you’ve ANY questions about [offer] contact my executive assistant at [speak + type up email address] today, so you can still apply within 24 hours and secure your special bonus. 


Want to learn how to have multiple 6 (and 7) -figure launches, putting your flagship program out there? Book a call and let’s discuss how I can support you, and as soon as you do, check out our case studies!



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